Sx3 Records

We are proud to say The label side of Sx3 is distributed by The Orchard/Sony which is one of the most trusted and well known indie worldwide digital distribution channels around. Sx3 Records is a great starter home for the creative developing artist or band looking to write, produce, record and release records through collaboration with it’s like minded founders whose sole purpose of “bringing back vibe to music and doing business responsibly”. It’s never been about highest recording budgets or millions of dollars of recording equipment for us it’s always been about the songs,our relationship in the studio and get the sound with our artists and of course the overall development of career.

We’ve always aim to capture something special and or look for artists, songs and records that have that quality. Many of our artists have gone on to sign to bigger labels when the time is right, but we still believe in starting out with that bare bones independent rough around the edges EP. We have been known and are still open to help release and distribute other great finished EPs or albums if we dig the band and they have the same work ethic as our signed Sx3 artist’s, but above all the music is believable and sound is authentic as that’s what fits the musical style Sound x3 Records.