Sx3 Sync & Licensing

Sx3 is a “one stop shop” containing high quality eclectic songs and masters created by some of the top independent artists and producers in the game. Over the years, Sx3 has successfully secured a vast array of licensing opportunities for its extensive and ever-growing catalogue. This success is largely due to the high caliber music from its collection of artists and trusted longtime relationships with creatives in the Sync world. “Sx3 receives TV, film and advertising briefs on a daily basis from all over the globe,” says Sx3 owner and president Roger Gisborne. According to Gisborne, “wherever we see an opportunity we go after it!” Sound x3’s crew works very closely with music supervisors and creative executives to find the right music for their projects, including composition music and tracks made to order. According to Gisborne “Many of our artists have been discovered by new fans and the media as a result of exposure through our licensing efforts, not to mention, their potential for new sources of revenue, including performance rights income from the PROs and Soundexchange royalties by virtue of our efforts.”