About Sx3

Sound x3 (“Sx3”) is a record label, publishing company, and a full-service music production “One Stop Shop”. Above all of those things, Sound x3 is first and foremost about artist development and nurturing the talent of true artists and like-minded creators that need a creative home to develop themselves as artists, bands or songwriting collectives.

Sx3 is that home and studio for an ever-expanding roster and crew of multi-talented recording artists, composers, songwriters, and producers from around the world with Sound x3 Records being distributed through The Orchard (Sony).

President Roger Gisborne is a UK native who is a 20-year veteran in the music industry. Gisborne was first signed by Doug Morris, Daniel Glass, and Hans Zimmer in a joint venture between Media Ventures and Universal as a recording artist and songwriter. Gisborne’s own catalog consists heavily of Brit-rock, indie, 60s & Soul town music. This catalog is heavily licensed throughout the world on all primetime and cable networks and has been featured in ad campaigns, studio, indie films, and popular TV show theme songs. Gisborne later founded the Sound x3 label with his wife, renowned entertainment lawyer Anita Rivas, and developed a growing catalog that continues to be licensed extensively. Many of the masters recorded for the label were produced and/or mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons) and other established indie rock and pop producers.

Sx3 Studios

Gisborne also owns and manages several recording studios co-owned with his partner, Paul Palmer (co-founder of Trauma Records [No Doubt and Bush]) in West LA. The studios are home to a team of brilliant producers and composers, which are also an added benefit available to the artists on Sx3’s roster.



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